MAD Solutions Joins Tripoli Film Festival in Lebanon with 7 Films

30 August 2022:

MAD Solutions sends off 7 films from its distribution list to the 8th edition of Tripoli Film Festival in Lebanon (Sep 22-29). 4 MAD films compete in the Feature Film Narrative Competition (STREAMS, by Mehdi Hmili, SOULA, by Salah Issaad,  DAUGHTERS OF ABDUL-RAHMAN, by Zaid Abu Hamdan and THE ALLEYS by writer-director Bassel Ghandour ) while 3 MAD films compete in the Short Film Competition ( UNSPOKEN, by Mohammed Alghadhban,  Arnoos, by Samer Battikhi, 1+1 by Alaa Mahmoud). 
Amel is released from prison after an adulterous affair. In the lower depths of Tunis, Amel is searching for her missing son Moumen. During her journey, Amel faces a Tunisian society in full collapse. 
Written and directed by Mehdi Hmili, STREAMS stars Afef Ben Mahmoud, Iheb Bouyahia, Zaza, Sarah Hannachi and Slim Baccar and features music composed by Amine Bouhafa. MAD Solutions manages the film’s distribution across the Arab world. STREAMS is a joint production between Yol Film House (Tunisia), Tarantula (Luxembourg), MPM Film (France), Clandestino Production (Tunisia) and in association with Allam Film (USA). 
About SOULA: 
SOULA is the story of a single mother whose father expelled her, leaving her homeless with her baby. Soula finds herself going from one car to another with other people while looking for a safe location to stay the night. Throughout a night full of unfortunate events along the roads of Algeria, Soula tries her best to change her destiny, but fate has another saying.
Written, directed, and produced by Salah Issaad, SOULA is co-written by Soula Bahri, whose life story inspired the director to turn it into a film and let Soula play the lead role. The film is produced by Issaad Film Productions (the three brothers Taqi Eldin, Abdelghafour, and Salah Issaad). The film starring Soula Bahri, Idir Benaibouche, and Franck Yvrai. MAD Solutions manages the film’s marketing and distribution in the Arab world.
The film follows the storyline of Zainab who wakes up to a shocking discovery that could defame her in the neighborhood. She quickly calls for her sister’s aid. Yet, fiery Amaal has her own secret struggle and is not having her sister Samah, who is too busy to be there. Meanwhile, Khitam tries to focus on her own mission.
Written and directed by Zaid Abu Hamdan, DAUGHTERS OF ABDULRAHMAN stars Saba Mubarak, Farah Bsaiso, Hanan Al Hilo, Mariam Al Basha, Khalid Al Tarifi and Mohamed Al Gizawi. It is produced by Pan East Media (Saba Mubarak & Aya Wuhoush), Lagoonie Film Production, Wika Production and Distribution, and Arab Media Network. MAD Solutions manages the film’s distribution in the Arab world.
The story is set in East Amman's gossip-ridden, hazardous neighborhood, where a young hustler will go to any length to be with his hidden sweetheart, but her merciless mother will not allow it. When an extortionist catches the couple in the act, the mother seeks the assistance of a gangster to put an end to it all... but things don't go as planned.
THE ALLEYS is written and directed by Bassel Ghandour and stars Emad Azmi, Baraka Rahmani, Munther Rayahneh, Maisa Abd Elhadi, Nadira Omran, and Nadim Rimawi. The film is produced by Bayt Al Shawareb (Yousef Abed Al-Nabi), The Imaginarium Films (Rula Nasser), and co-produced by Lagoonie Film Production (Shahinaz El Akkad). MAD Solutions manages the film’s distribution across the Arab World, while Elle Driver (France) handles the international sales. 
Hadhima is a 15-year-old girl who lives in the Iraqi countryside. Her mother passes away as a child, thus she moves to live with her father where she’s treated as a maid, not as his daughter. One day, when things get worse, she will make one bold decision.
Written and directed by Mohammed Alghadhban, UNSPOKEN stars Asaad Abdulmajeed, Nayan Altalabani, Noor Alhuda, and Om Ali, and is produced by Rola Films and Enki Film Academy. MAD Solutions manages the film’s distribution in the Arab world.
About ARNOOS: 
On a normal day at a shopping square in Amman, Sami, a 15- year- old spoiled naive kid, along with Mahmoud the 15-year-old street-smart hustler and corn seller are ready to execute their plan and steal a surprise gift in order to impress Sami’s girlfriend; unaware of the uncalculated twists that are coming their way from the shop owners.
Arnoos is written and directed by Samer Battikhi, and stars Saba Mubarak, Ahmed Al Omari, Ziad Bakri, Fadi Haddadin, and Mohammed Idris. It’s produced by Pan East Media and Sierra Bravo Productions and is distributed across the Arab world by MAD Solutions
About 1+1: 
The film revolves in an era after the great war has destroyed the city, only a man and a woman, from the opposite parties remain. Both have to live in conflict between fighting and living in peace.
Written and directed by Alaa Mahmoud, ARNOOS stars Amir ElMasry and Sarrah AbdElRahman. It is produced by Cairo Imperia ( Mostafa Bahgat) and is lensed by Mario Ghaly. MAD Solutions manages the film’s distribution across the Arab world.