THE ANGER grabs 3 awards during its screening tour in International Festivals

14 September 2022:

Feature film THE ANGER by Maria Ivanova Surae received three awards during its screening tour in International Festivals. It received two awards from Kazan International Muslim Film Festival that was held in Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation; The Best Director of Photography for Tommaso Fiorilli and Best Film from the Cinema Critics Association. It also received the Best International Feature Fiction award from the Lebanese Independent Film Festival. In addition, the music video of the film was chosen by Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival for participation.
THE ANGER joined San Diego Arab Film Festival in USA, Yasmine Hammamet International Film Festival in Tunisia and Beirut International Women Film Festival in Lebanon. The film had its world premiere at JCC Carthage Film Festival.
In post-war Lebanon, Ida, a young Lebanese girl, flees her small village and her alcoholic mother and goes to the big city. There, she starts dating a European man not knowing what is in store for her.
THE ANGER written and directed by Maria Ivanova Surae, co-written by Olga Artemyeva. The film stars Manal Issa, Aurélien Chaussade, Houssam Sabbah and Julia Kassar. MAD Solutions manages the distribution internationally.
Maria Ivanova Surae is a director, screenwriter and producer with over 16 years of experience in the film industry. She graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University. She is the CEO of the Scoop Production film company. Her filmography includes over 100 award-winning documentaries that took part in prestigious international film festivals reaping awards. This includes THE LAS ONE, SONUNCU, MUHAMED, FLEEING THE WAR and VILLAGE. Recently, Maria’s documentary I’M NOT LAKIT was released.