Director: Karim El Shenawy
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The film scored more than EGP 7 million in the box office
A bold film about a complex and mysterious murder.
The film doesn’t stop at the “Who is the killer?” question, but it leads the audience to wonder about the “How and Why” too!
The film tries to answer the big question of whether the police was responsible for all the killing that happened during the 2011’s revolution or not!
The film meticulously presents a controversial topic from different perspectives.
The film earned the Best Actor Award for Ahmad Al Fishawy and the Best Cinematography Award for DOP Abdelsalam Moussa at The 67th edition of the Egyptian Catholic Center for Cinema Film Festival.
The film was screened at several film festivals worldwide.
98 Min
Original Title
Eyar Nari
Juggling his own troubled past and personal issues along the way, a drunken medical examiner finds himself amidst backlash after releasing a controversial autopsy report for a murdered guy! To prove his point, he teams up with a restlessly ambitious journalist who was digging into the murder too. Together they embark on an eye-opening journey that makes them question what they once regarded as absolute…..even their concept of truth!
Ahmad Al Fishawy
Mohamed Mamdouh
Arfa Abdel Rassoul
Screenwriter: Haitham Dabbour
DOP: Abdelsalam Moussa
Editor: Ahmed Hafez