Director: Sherif Arafa
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The film grossed over EGP 6 million in the Egyptian box office.
Al Kenz 2 features an all-star cast including Mohamed Saad, Mohamed Ramadan, Hend Sabry.
The film earned Mohamed Saad the Best Actor Award at Film Society Festival For the Egyptian Cinema for his role in the film.
Co-written by Mohamed Diab and Sherin Diab who are best known for successful films and TV series; Talq Sena'ey ( 2018), El Gezira 2 (2014), Taye' (2018) and Al Seham Al Mareqa (2018).
128 Min
Original Title
El Kenz 2
The second installment of Al Kenz continues where the first one left off with the characters' fight over the treasure sacrificing either their love or lives. The film reveals the secret of the treasure, its importance and how to preserve it. The sequel will pick up where the first film left off; Queen Hatshepsut continues her fight with the priests and her love for the engineer, Ali Al-Zibq continues his fight with Elkalby and his love for the latter's daughter, Zainab, which will reveal the price of revenge that he has to pay, and how will General Bashir Pasha, who sacrificed his brother's life and his beloved to keep his position, find the treasure and how will his son, Hassan, search for his father's unknown legacy.
Mohamed Saad
Mohamed Ramadan
Hend Sabry
Ahmed Malek
Screenwriter: Sherif Arafah
Abdel Rahim Kamal
DOP: Ayman Abou el Makarem
Editor: Dalia El Nasser