Thief of Baghdad

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Released in Egyptian theaters in January, 2020, Less Baghdad made huge success at the box office.
It was also released in other Arab countries, including Jordan and UAE.
The film stars Egyptian star Mohamed Emam, who is known for the comedy hits Captain Masr (2015), Gahim Fe El Hend (2016), and Lailat Hana wa Suroor (2018).
Thief of Baghdad Poster
2020 / 102 min
Original Title
Less Baghdad
Each driven by their own motives, a league of people from different walks of life embark on a journey in pursuit of a lost treasure. Together, they learn to join hands to unravel the mystery behind the tomb of Alexander the Great.
Mohamed Emam
Fathy Abdel Wahab
Yasmin Raeis
Amina Khalil
Mohamed Abd Elrahman
Ahmed Elawady
Screenwriter: Tamer Ibrahim
DOP: Haitham Hosni
Editor: Circle Post Production