The Blue Elephant

Director: Marwan Hamed
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The Blue Elephant reaped USD 5 million in Egyptian box office and sold out almost 12 million tickets in the Egyptian theatres.
The film grossed USD 12+ million in the Arab world and international film market.
It currently rates 8.1 on IMDb by 23,983 users, becoming one of the highest rated Arabic films on IMDb.
One of the most watched films on TV and VOD platforms.
Based on Ahmed Mourad's best-selling book of the same name.
The Blue Elephant Poster
2014 / 135 min
Original Title
El Feel El Azraq
The Blue Elephant follows Yehia who returns to work in Al Abasyia Psychiatric Hospital. While taking over a sector that examines the mental health of perpetrators, he meets an old friend who brings back bitter memories that turns his life upside down. Attempting to unravel the mysteries of this friend, Yehia embarks on a journey exploring his inner self, or the shattered remnants of it.
Karim Abdelaziz
Nelly Karim
Shereen Reda
Khaled Elsawy
Screenwriter: Ahmed Mourad
DOP: Ahmad Al Morsy
Editor: Ahmed Hafez