The Blue Elephant: Dark Whispers

Director: Marwan Hamed
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An original script by novelist Ahmed Mourad.
Enjoyed unprecedented success setting the record in the Egyptian box office. It generated $6 million.
Distributed to 100 film theatres across Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria.
Blue Elephant: Dark Whispers was rated 8.4 by IMDb users.
One of the most-watched films on TV and VOD platforms.
The Blue Elephant: Dark Whispers Poster
2019 / 135 min
Original Title
El Feel El Azrak 2
Taking place five years after the events of the first film, Dr. Yehia Rashid (Karim Abdelaziz) ended his career as a psychiatrist and married Lobna (Nelly Karim). One day, a new patient brings Yehia back to psychiatry after causing a ruckus at the hospital. To solve this new mystery, Yehia seeks the help of the Blue Elephant pills tripping to a world of fantasy, back to a time that no book of history ever recorded. Yehia delves into a scarier place where he meets his deepest fears and faces himself reopening old wounds and endangering his own life and family.
Karim Abdelaziz
Nelly Karim
Hend Sabry
Shereen Reda
Screenwriter: Ahmed Mourad
DOP: Ahmad Al Morsy
Editor: Ahmed Hafez