Anis Djaad

Anis Djaad was born in Algeria's capital and schooled at Bab El-Oued.
In 1996, he became acquainted with the world of filmmaking while working as an assistant director on Jamal Lloyd's FRANCA YA FRANCA.
In 1997, he had to leave the cinema industry after the dismantling of the national film production company, but he hoped to return one day. The same year, he joined the national newspaper Le Soir from Algeria, where he worked as a reporter.
In 2006, his first feature film script AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL was selected and awarded by the European Media Film Program. He then worked for two years in Algeria's daily newspaper La Tribune starting 2007.
In the same year, he published his first novel Parisian Morning, which was published by Le Manuscript. In 2008, he published his second novel – The Odor of the Violin.
In 2011, he won the prize for the Best Screenplay for a short film at Algerian Film Days for THE PORTHOLE, which he directed and won several awards for at various international festivals the following year.
In 2013, he took part in the national script competition and won the grand prize with his script BLACK SCREEN, and in 2014, he directed his second short film RAILWAY CROSSING, which participated in and won several awards in various international film festivals.
He then made his third short film KELTOUM’S JOURNEY, in 2015 with the support of the Mission Cinéma de la Ville de Paris.
Since 2016, he has been working on various scripts before completing his film THE LIFE AFTER.