Mahmoud Nabil Ahmed

Mahmoud Nabil Ahmed

Mahmoud Ahmed, a Palestinian filmmaker, studied at the esteemed Higher Institute of Multimedia Arts of Manuobah (ISAMM), where he pursued a bachelor's in directing and script writing, followed by a master's in film editing at the Higher School of Audiovisual and Cinema OF Gammarth (ESAC).

Within Tunisia's vibrant cultural tapestry, Ahmed quietly honed his storytelling prowess. This dedication bore fruit with two impactful short films, including THE WAR INSIDE US, a poignant documentary that earned recognition in the esteemed "Ciné Par’Court" program, a collaboration between the National Center for Cinema and Image of Tunisia and Goethe-Institut in Tunisia.

MATCHSTICK, his second short film, marked the pinnacle of his studies, reflecting his growth as a filmmaker.

Mahmoud Ahmed's cinematic journey reached a pivotal moment with the creation of his latest film, GAZAN TALES.

This project, which is the outcome of a workshop titled ‘From Gaza to the World,’ reflects his commitment to empowering filmmakers in his hometown of Gaza and served as a platform to tell authentic stories from Gaza, shedding light on the resilience, creativity, and humanity of its people amidst the challenges they face.