The Remaining Time

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The film world premiered at the 2017 Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) in the UAE.
The Remaining Time is a story about two human beings fighting for their ethics, beliefs, and survival against Internal and external obstacles. The film raises the questions of who is the real alien.
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2017/ UAE16 min/ Drama, Si-Fi
Original Title
Al Zaman Al Baqi
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After surviving the alien invasion, Sarah, waits for her husband alone, until one night she is visited by a stranger. They both share the night and try to survive, and their only hope of survival is to leave the city before the government clears the area with the nuclear attack. Eventually, we discover the truth of the stranger and the outside world.
Rashed Hasan
Manahel Alawadi
Suhaib Abdullah
Dania Al Moussa
Screenwriter: Mohammed Ahmed Al Hammadi
DOP: Saad Aldin Alkharouf
Editor: Mehdi Ouhammou
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Production Company(ies)
Mohammed Ahmed Al Hammadi
Yunjie Han
film festivals
Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF), UAE
Manarat Al Saadiyat, UAE
Emirates Short Film Festival, UAE