Mosul 980

Director: Ali Mohammed Saeed
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The film aims to shed light on the plight of the Yazidi women and try to help them overcome their ordeal and encourage the world to contribute to the search for hundreds of girls who are still kidnapped in unknown places.
It was nominated for the Academy Awards of 2020
Mosul 980 Poster
2019/ Iraq - USA10 min/ Drama, War
A 17-year-old kidnapped Yazidi girl disguised in ISIS uniform tries to escape form ISIS. She finds no way to break free, but a military vehicle set on explosives.
Redhab Ahmad
Mohanad Hayal
Screenwriter: Mustafa Sattar Jabbar
Ali Mohammed Saeed
DOP: Maytham Al-Daradji
Editor: Ali Al Kaabi
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Production Company(ies)
Enki Film Academy
Ishtar Iraq Film Production
Art City Of Film and TV Production
Ali Mohammed Saeed
Huda Al-Kadhimi
Hikmat Al-Beedhan
film festivals
Berlin International Film Festival, Germany
New York City International Film Festival, USA
Around International Film Festival in Berlin, Germany
Stockholm Junior Film Festival, Sweden
Arizona International Film Festival, USA
NYC Independent Film Festival, USA
International Filmmaker Festival of New York, USA
Annual USA Film Festival in Texas, USA
International Veterans Film Festival, Australia
WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival, USA
Universe Multicultural Film Festival in California, USA
Latitude Film Awards, UK
Rome Independent Film Festival, Italy
Australia Independent Film Festival, Australia
Aesthetica Short Film Festival, UK
Arab Film Festival in San Francisco, USA
PyeongChang International Peace Film Festival, South Korea
HollyShorts Academy Awards-qualifying Film Festival, USA
film awards
London Independent Film Award and Remi Award at the WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival, USA
Best Short Drama Film at the Universe Multicultural Film Festival in California, USA
Gold Award at the Latitude Film Awards, UK
Best Australia International Film Festival Award at the Australia Independent Film Festival, Australia
"Mosul 980 is a movie against oblivion. By clearly stating the facts and figures at the end, we get to know the context of the plot." Alexander Knoth - Asian Movie Pulse