A One Month Old Devil

Director: Ghassan ElKhouja
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The film deals with the phenomenon of football fanaticism and its history throughout the life of Fawzi Yammine
Had a special screening at the Pierre Farshakh Hall of the Municipal Theater of Lebanon’s Zgharta
A One Month Old Devil Poster
2019/ Lebanon13 min/ Documentary, Sports
Original Title
Shaytan Omro Shahr
"Football is like life," says Johan Cruyff, the late Dutch player and coach. "You are required to see, think, contemplate, and move....”
Fawzi Yammine, former international player in the 1994 World Cup qualifiers is a writer, university lecturer, and a researcher in football philosophy. The film revolves around his history, memory, and interaction with the hectic atmosphere of the World Cup and football fanaticism.
Fawzi Yammine


Screenwriter: Ghassan ElKhouja DOP: Wissam Tayyem Editor: Wissam Tayyem

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Ghassan ElKhouja Abdelkarim El Khouja

film festivals
Alexandria Film Festival for Mediterranean countries, Egypt (world premiere)
Cairo Shorts Film Festival, Egypt