Last Tape

Director: Hani Sami
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Inspired by Samuel Beckett’s Krapp’s Last Tape, the film tells a story of an epic and poetic failure.
The protagonist is afraid of venturing into life. He stays on its periphery, sheltered in pseudo-philosophy and empty rationalization, dreaming of doing great deeds instead of taking concrete steps towards it.
The film received the FSDIE - Université Toulouse II - Jean Jaurès Production fund, France and the El Nahda Cultural Association in Cairo Production Fund, Egypt.
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2017/ Egypt28 min/ Drama
Original Title
Al Shareet Al Akheer
Alone in his room, the old man listens to long forgotten memories and recalls his past loves. When he stumbles upon her story, his frail reality disintegrates, and the memory of a distant past surfaces and becomes his present tense.
Tarek El Dweiry
Karim Kassem
Sara Abdel Rahman
Alaa Abel Latif
Screenwriter: Hani Sami
DOP: Tristan Deboise
Editor: Mais Darwazeh
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Hani Sami
film festivals
Luxor African Film Festival (LAFF), Egypt
Zawya Short Film Festival, Egypt
Cairo Video Festival, Egypt
Karama Human Rights Film Festival, Jordan