Huda's Salon

Director: Hany Abu-Assad
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World premiered at Toronto International Film Festival
Helmed by the Academy Award nominee and the Golden Globe-winning director Hany Abu-Assad
One of the largest pan-Arab film productions
Headlined by a star-studded cast with international films: Ali Suliman (The Looming Tower, Paradise Now, Chronicals of a Disappearance), and Maisa Abd Elhadi ((3000 Nights, The Reports on Sarah and Salim, and The Worthy)
The film is inspired by real life events that also contain contradictions and battles between betrayal and loyalty
A feminist thriller
Huda's Salon Poster
2021/ Palestine - Egypt - Netherlands - Qatar88 min / Drama, Thriller
Original Title
صالون هدى
Based on real events, Huda’s Salon is a heart-racing, entertaining feminist thriller, where two women fight for their freedom. Reem, a young mother who is married to a jealous man, goes to Huda’s salon in Bethlehem for a haircut and an attentive ear. However, this ordinary visit turns sour after Huda puts Reem in a shameful situation, blackmails her to work for the secret service of the occupiers and betrays her people.
Ali Suliman
Samer Bisharat
Maisa Abd Elhadi
Manal Awad
Screenwriter: Hany Abu-Assad
DOP: Ehab Assal
Peter Flinckenberg
Editor: Eyas Salman
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Production Company(ies)
H&A Production
Lagoonie Film Production
Film Clinic
MAD Solutions
Key Films
Mohamed Hefzy
Hany Abu-Assad
Amira Diab
film festivals
Toronto International Film Festival, Canada
Red Sea International Film Festival, KSA
Busan International FIlm Festival, South Korea
Valladolid International Film Festival, Spain
Asia Pacific Screen Awards, Australia
Reel Palestine Film Festival, UAE
Beirut International Women Film Festival, Beirut
Tetouan Mediterranean Film Festival, Morocco
Jönköping Film Festival, Sweden
Arabisches Filmfestival Tübingen, Germany
Calgary Arab Film Nights Festival, Canada
Middle East Now Festival, Italy
ANA Contemprary Arab Cinema Film Festival, USA
film awards
Special Jury Mention at Beirut International Women Film Festival, Beirut
Best Actress award for Maisa Abd Elhadi from the Critics Awards for Arab Films of Arab Cinema Center (ACC)
Special Jury Prize at Tetouan Mediterranean Film Festival
“‘Huda’s Salon,’ makes a simple and forceful point: Caught between political enemies united in their misogyny, Palestinian women have no way out. Where Abu-Assad falters is in turning Huda into a didactic mouthpiece for the very themes that Reem’s tribulations, filmed up-close with a jerky camera, convey effortlessly.” Devika Girish, New York Times.

“Huda’s Salon” is rubbed raw by the politics of the occupied territories; but somehow it doesn’t feel like an issue movie. When Huda is onscreen, played with sublime command by Awad, the story becomes unremittingly about her.” Anthony Lane, The New Yorker.

“In Huda’s Salon, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict doesn’t ravage towns and bombs don’t take bites out of the streets; war is portrayed as more of a low rumble, a look-over-the-shoulder paranoia, an ambient dread. People go about their days, feed their babies, and get haircuts, all with a constant fear of the future,” Maria Capablanca, The Invention of Dreams.

“The conversation, shot in an impressive continuous take and teeming with warmth, underscores the similarities between Reem and Huda, two sharp women with firm convictions.” Lovia Gyarkye Hollywood Reporter

“Hany Abu-Assad’s latest is a brisk and efficient thriller.” Wendy Ide-Screendaily

“Hany Abu-Assad’s blistering new film “Huda’s Salon,” a fearless statement on gender oppression shaped as an edge-of-your-seat thriller.” Carlos Aguilar - The Playlist

“Long live the socially minded political thriller! Thanks to filmmaker Hany Abu-Assad, this long-underserved sub-genre––once perfected by directors like Hitchcock, Pakula, and Weir––feels briefly resurrected thanks to his new picture Huda’s Salon” Dan Mecca - The Film Stage