90 Days

Director: Khalid Alharbi
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The film was released in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Egypt
The film's cast includes a number of actors and actresses who have gained wide popularity in Saudi Arabia and have millions of followers on social media
The film marks famous Saudi actor Khalid Alharbi's feature directing and writing debut
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2021/ Saudi Arabia100 min/ Romantic, Comedy, Drama
Original Title
90 Youm
In a thrilling story that highlights the concept of Idda – the post-divorce period in Islam – Sara discovers that her husband was keeping a crucial secret from her, and so she asks for a divorce.
However, her father insists that she spends the 90 days of Idda at her husband’s house. During this time, a series of surprises take place, turning the couple’s life upside down.
Faisal Al-Zahrani Marwa Mohamed Muhammad Al-Hashi Fay Fouad


Screenwriter: Khalid Alharbi‎ DOP: Diyaa Gawish Editor: Ahmed Shahm

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Production Company(ies)
Afkar Algad for Artistic Production

Faisal Alharbi