Bloody Boys

Director: Shaker K. Tahrer
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The film is supported by The European Social Fund, The Swedish Inheritance Fund, Region Västra Götaland’s Cultural Affairs Committee, Familjebostäder i Göteborg and Göteborgs Stad Bergsjön.
Bloody Boys accounts for the workings of downward spirals, whose patterns drag individuals as well as their families into them. The film depicts the human aspects of a number of brutal proceedings, where life itself may be the price of freedom.
Broadcasted on SVT (Swedish National Broadcaster) and screened at eight Swedish cinemas.
Bloody Boys Poster
2012/ Sweden81 min/ Drama
Original Title
Jävla Pojkar
Bloody Boys follows three families through three parallel stories; Birgitta who decides to end her apartment lease to move in with yet another man, leaving her son, Simon, without a place to stay, Lina who asks for a divorce, which prompts her husband to start writing a book on the cruel ways of love and marriage, and Ida and her husband who share a tragic heritage which they are struggling to break free from.
Elin Klinga
Marika Lagercrantz
Jacob Nordenson
Tom Ljungman
Screenwriter: Shaker K. Tahrer
DOP: Ralph M. Evers
Editor: Pierre Laurent
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Production Company(ies)
Bergsjöns Kultur - & Mediaverkstad
Shake Film
Niklas Lundin
Shaker K. Tahrer
film festivals
Montréal World Film Festival, Canada
São Paulo International Film Festival, Brazil
Bengaluru International Film Festival, India
Zlín International Film Festival, Czech Republic
World Film Festival of Bangkok, Thailand
Brussels Film Festival, Belgium
Viareggio EuropaCinema, Italy
International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino, Poland
Göteborg Film Festival, Sweden
film awards
Best Screenplay Award at the Brussels Film Festival, Belgium
Selected as one of 12 Best Films from Europe at the Viareggio EuropaCinema, Italy