Cotton Queen

Director: Suzannah Mirghani
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Participated in the Cairo International Film Festival’s Cairo Film Connection
Supported by Doha Film Institute, and AFAC
Tackles themes like female circumcision and marriage at a young age
Cotton Queen Poster
In-Development/ Germany - France - Palestine - Sudan/ Empowering Drama
In a cotton-farming village in Sudan, Nafisa — a fifteen-year-old girl from Sudan — learns about life and love under the watchful eye of her grandmother, the powerful village matriarch Al-Sit.
When a young businessman from abroad arrives and threatens to disrupt their way of life with a new development plan, Nafisa finds herself at the center of a power struggle to determine the village’s future.
As she discovers her own strength, Nafisa must balance modernity and tradition in her defiant pursuit of personal freedom. She and her community will never be the same again.
Screenwriter: Suzannah Mirghani
Production Company(ies)
Strange Bird Gmbh
Maneki Films
Caroline Daube, Didar Domehri