Concrete Valley

Director: Antoine Bourges
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World premiered at TIFF’s Wavelengths section and went on to hold its International Premiere at Berlinale’s 2023 Panorama
Director Antoine Bourges is an alumnus of Berlinale Talents, TIFF Filmmaker Lab, and NYFF Artist Academy
Producer Shehrezade Mian is an alumnus of the TIFF Talent Accelerator
Supported by Telefilm Talent to Watch, Canada Council of the Arts, and Toronto Arts Council funding
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2022/ Canada90 min/ Drama
Rashid — a doctor from Syria — struggles to adjust to his life in Canada after five years in Toronto’s Thorncliffe Park with his wife Farah and son Ammar.
He tries to work as an unlicensed doctor for his neighbors, but when Farah becomes more involved in their local community, tensions in their fragile marriage begin to take their toll.
Hussam Douhna
Amani Ibrahim
Abdullah Nadaf
Lynn Nantume


Screenwriter: Antoine Bourges & Teyama Alkamli
DOP: Nikolay Michaylov
Editor: Lindsay Allikas

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Production Company(ies)
Markhor Pictures, General Use

Sheherezade Mian, Antoine Bourges

film festivals
Toronto International Film Festival, Canada (Wavelengths)
Berlin International Film Festival, Germany (Forum 2023)
Vancouver International Film Festival, Canada
Montreal International Documentary Festival, Canada (RIDM)
JeonJu International Film Festival, South Korea
Sao Paulo International Film Festival, Brazil
Gijón International Film Festival, Spain
“An authentic docudrama aesthetic in which the audience acts like a fly-on-the-wall as lives unfold.”
- Pat Mullen — POV Magazine

“There's something magical about the performances from non-actors in Concrete Valley”

“Sensitive and finely calibrated.”
Andrea Picard — TIFFR

“Concrete Valley suggests that the immigrant experience, like all other human experiences, is in large part a misalignment between speaker and listener, intention and reception, form and content.”
Michael Siciniski — In Review Online

“The movie has a sparse, observational style; more fodder for those who would compare the French-born Canadian director Antoine Bourges with the late Robert Bresson.”
Kris Knight — Original Cin