Coming Home

Director: Ricardo Preve
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Commercially released in Argentina and was broadcast on various channels in Sudan, Italy, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, and Peru
Screened in 11 film festivals around the world, winning 10 prestigious awards
Supported by the Ministry of Culture / Office of the President of Argentina; Piedmont Regional Council, Italy; National Cinema and Audiovisual Arts Institute of Argentina; Film Commission of Torino Piedmont, Italy; Union of Communes of the Langhe/ Barolo Regions, Italy; and many more
Coming Home Poster
2019/ Argentina88 min/ Documentary
Original Title
Tornando a Casa
During World War II, the Italian submarine Macallé was wrecked in the Red Sea.
The whole crew survived except for Sailor Carlos, who was buried on an island in the Red Sea by his companions.
80 years later, a team salvages Carlo’s remains, bringing them back to his hometown.
Germán Rodríguez
Tomás Wolf
Jorge Digilio
Cristian Disábato
Pablo Pieretti


Screenwriter: Ricardo Preve
DOP: Leonardo Val
Editor: Rolando Rauwolf

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Production Company(ies)
Esto del Cine SRL and Ricardo Preve Films LLC

Ramón Cardini

film festivals
Puglia International Film Festival, Italy
Impact Doc Awards, US
VI Sudan Independent Film Festival, Sudan
Madrid International Film Festival, Spain
Dumbo Film Festival, US
London International Motion Picture Awards, UK
South European International Film Festival, Spain
Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival, US
Accolade Global Film Competition, US
Latitude Film Awards, UK
LatinUy Festival, Uruguay
film awards
Golden Key Award for Best Feature Documentary at the Puglia International Film Festival
Merit Award for Best Feature Documentary at the Impact Doc Awards
Best Educational and Scientific Film at the South European International Film Festival
Golden Award for Best Documentary Director and Silver Award for Best International Documentary at the Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival
Excellence Award for Best Documentary Feature Film, Photography, Creativity & Originality, Concept, and Original Music at the Accolade Global Film Competition
Bronze Award for Best Documentary Feature Film and Best Original Music at the Latitude Film Awards
Audience Award for Best Documentary and Best Career (Ricardo Preve) at the LatinUy Festival