Director: Amel Guellaty
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The hot-button debut feature of Tunisian director Amel Guellaty
Shot by Frida Marzouk, whose last three features BYE BYE TIBERIAS, ALAM, and UNDER THE FIG TREES world premiered in the esteemed Venice, Toronto, and Cannes Film Festivals, respectively
A beautiful ode to Tunisia’s youth through the lens of a boundless friendship between Alyssa and Mehdi as they take the roadtrip of a lifetime
2024/ Tunisia, France, Qatar100 min/ Drama, Comedy
A comedic ode to Tunisia’s youth, TUNIS-DJERBA presents the story of Alyssa, a rebellious 19 year-old girl, and her friend Mehdi — a shy and introverted 23-year-old young man — who use their imagination to escape their unpromising reality.
When they discover a contest in the south of Tunisia that may allow them to flee for real, they decide to undertake the road trip regardless of the obstacles in their way.
Eya Bellagha, Slim Baccar, Sondos Belhassen, Lobna Noomane


Screenwriters: Amel Guellaty
DOP: Frida Marzouk
Editors: Amel Guellaty, Ghalya Lacroix, and Malek Kammoun
Sound: Aymen Labidi

Production Company(ies)
Atlas Vision, Haut Les Mains Productions

Asma Chiboub, Karim Aitouna