HUMMUS AND CHIPS to screen at Institut Du Monde Arabe

26 January 2024
Paris’ Institut Du Monde Arabe will be holding a special screening of MAD Short HUMMUS AND CHIPS by Ahmed Moghazy on Saturday, January 27th as part of its almost six-month-long Perfumes of the East exhibition — running from September 26th, 2023 to March 17th, 2024 — highlighting the signature scents that have defined Middle Eastern culture throughout the ages and their influence on the region’s art.
Previously, the short has made its way to the Lavazza IncluCity, Metafilm, Rotterdam Arab, Zanzibar, Bahrain, and Lebanese (Australia) film festivals. 
A social comedy, HUMMUS AND CHIPS is set against the backdrop of the COVID-19 lockdown. The film follows grumpy racist grandma Margaret, who is lonely and anxiously waiting for her coronavirus test results. She then makes the unusual decision to spend a full day with her Arab neighbor, Bashar. Will this encounter go smoothly?  
Written, directed, and edited by Moghazy, HUMMUS AND CHIPS stars Bashar Zeedan, Maggie Bourgein, and Lara Assi, and is lensed by the award-winning Rui Jiang, Ong.
Ahmed Moghazy is an Egyptian film writer and director with seven years of experience helming a variety of projects in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and the UK ranging from short fiction films, commercials, music videos, digital content, and documentaries. He was also a laureate of the Chevening Scholarship, which allowed him to pursue an MA in Directing Fiction from London’s Central Film School.
His other works include the shorts SMOKING KILLS, SHOUGANAI, and PSYCHOLOGICAL THEATER.