IN THE WAITING ROOM to hold its world premiere at Dublin Int’l Festival

22 February 2024
Moatasem Taha's compelling film IN THE WAITING ROOM is poised to captivate audiences when it holds its highly anticipated world premiere at the esteemed Dublin International Film Festival in Ireland, which is running from February 22nd to March 2nd.
The film is set to screen on Monday, February 26th, at 3:30 pm, as part of the festival's Short Program 1, offering a unique opportunity for audiences. It will also be attended by the film’s promising director, Moatasem Taha.
IN THE WAITING ROOM follows Hussein — a 30-year-old Palestinian Arab with Israeli citizenship — who escorts his freshly bereaved 70-year-old mother, Rashida, to her medical appointment in an Israeli hospital.
As they wait for their turn, Rashida, who hasn't left her house in three months, tries to socialize with the other patients in her limited Hebrew.
Written and directed by Moatasem Taha, IN THE WAITING ROOM — which is produced by Thekra Makalda and Mohammed Ibraheem — stars Marleen Bajjali, Jalal Masarwa, Drora Coren, Bayan Daher, and Maria Toama. Meanwhile, MAD Solutions handles the film’s distribution worldwide.
Taha, a Palestinian filmmaker, graduated from the Cinema and Photography Program at Wizo College in Haifa, where he honed his craft. His first project was a documentary titled BURN, introducing him to the world of filmmaking.