Film Project WEDDING, BERLIN Wins MAD Solutions Award at Tripoli Film Festival

27 September 2022
Farah Abou Kharoub’s film project, WEDDING, BERLIN, garnered the MAD Solutions Award presented by the Short Film Pitching Platform. The award which is presented for the first time in this edition of the Tripoli Film Festival, is a marketing services for short films equivalent to 2000$ 
Tripoli Film Festival 9th edition kicked off on the 22nd of the current month and lasts till the 29th in several venues in Tripoli, Lebanon. WEDDING, BERLIN is one of the two films representing Lebanon in the Short Film Pitching Platform, to be one of the 5 chosen films out of 49.
WEDDING, BERLIN is written and directed by Farah Abou Kharoub. The film stars Kamel El Basha, Mariam Basha, Ula Tabari and Salah Abu Nima. The film highlights women's social problems with their families, traditions, and choices. The film takes place at an Arab wedding, where Bissan, the bride, decides to face her mother to find her true identity rather than being torn between her future husband, Omar, and her German friend, Johns. 
Farah Abou Kharroub is an award-winning Palestinian director, writer, and producer born and raised in Lebanon. She holds a BA in Filmmaking from the Lebanese University in Beirut (2014). Currently, Farah works as a screenwriter for Shahid; the Arab world's leading platform. Among her short films; NAFAS (2014), FLORENTINA (2015), SUMMER 2006 (2018), THE SEVEN VILLAGES (2020) and NEWS FROM LEBANON (2021).