Moroccan Badass Girl ranks first in Morocco on Netflix

25 June 2024
Hicham Lasri's satirical dark comedy MOROCCAN BADASS GIRL made it to the top of Netflix Morocco's viewership board from June 17th to the 23rd, making it the only Arab film to rank among the most viewed in Morocco over the past two weeks
MOROCCAN BADASS GIRL, which held its world premiere at the prestigious Marrakech International Film Festival, follows Cathy as she approaches her 30th birthday. However, she is confronted with the harsh realities of her life. Her parents, fiancé, boss, and society have all treated her poorly, leading to a series of unfortunate events that unfold on what turns out to be the worst day of her life. 
Set against the backdrop of a sardonic Casablanca, Cathy finds herself in a dark and twisted comedy that will shape her future. Determined to start anew, she embarks on a journey to immigrate abroad, only to encounter unexpected obstacles along the way. 
Written and directed by Hicham Lasri, MOROCCAN BADASS GIRL stars Fadoua Taleb, Salah Bensalah, Malek Akhmiss, and Karam Lamrani.
Hicham Lasri is a multi-talented artist based in Casablanca who is a director, producer, screenwriter, novelist, and comic book writer. He has also recently started venturing into the world of music as a member of a band called the Chic Chocs. 
His notable works in chronological order include (K) DREAM, TEARS OF JOY ONE DAY OF ZEMZEM, THE INVISIBLES — which he also directed — and F.A.Q.
In six years, Lasri has successfully sent six films to several prestigious film festivals, including THE END, THEY ARE THE DOGS, THE SEA IS BEHIND, STARVE YOUR DOG, HEADBANG LULLABY, and JAHILYA. 
Additionally, over the past few years, he has written, directed, and produced three short films — LOVE IN ALEPPO, WASTELAND, and THE MALE GAZE. And in 2021, he published his fourth novel titled THE LUCIFER EFFECT.