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Director: Bachir Abou Zeid
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Bachir Founded Beirut Film Institute, a production company that aims to produce shorts and feature length films, as well as merge and interconnect talents and professionals in the media industry across the Arab world.
Most of the actors, especially in the lead roles, have gone through their first cinematic experience in Mafkoud, as well as the crew, DOP, producers, designers, and assistants. It is also the director’s debut directorial experience.
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2019/ Lebanon82 min/ Drama
Years after his abduction, missing Sari still remembers small details from the moment he last saw his mother, specifically, her eyes and her words asking him to never look back. Now, jailed for the murder of his friend, Sari pleads his innocence to set off and continue the search for his mother. However, he lacks the evidence that proves he did not commit the crime. Behind these walls, Sari’s encounter will put him on a journey to his past, delving into his deepest memories, and revealing his true identity.
Ayman Ghali
Natacha Choufani
Julian Farhat
Layal Badaro
Screenwriter: Bachir Abou Zeid
DOP: Hasan Salame
Editor: Karim Hammouda
Aya Al Blouchi
Habib el Tom
“In Mafkoud, I wanted to go on the journey of the person seeking to return home, not the one waiting for a loved one's return. One way or another, I wanted to remain with the seeker in every single scene; to only see what he sees, only live what he lives and only feel what he feels.” – Bachir Abou Zeid