South of Hope Street

Director: Jane Spencer
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Headlined by outstanding international cast.
Helmed by a visionary director.
A captivating Sci-Fi love story.
Social Media Potentials: 6,900,000 followers (Total followers of the cast & crew on all paltforms)
South of Hope Street Poster
Switzerland - Canada - UK - Croatia/ Sci-Fi
A science fiction/love story that follows a strange, unexplained event in the sky. Only Denise, Tarak, Tom, and those who are thought of as strange or unwanted seem to notice or care about it. But they are voiceless, and while it just keeps getting stranger and more beautiful in the sky, even as below on the ground, it gets more and more what is unfortunately called, normal.
Judd Nelson
Michael Madsen
Asser Yassin
Tanna Frederick
Screenwriter: Jane Spencer
DOP: Frank Glencairn
Editor: Patricia Rommel
Production Company(ies)
MAD Solutions
MCE Entertainment
Film Camp
WARD9 Productions
Echo Film
Sweet Films
Marina Cordoni
Maja Wieser
Joachim Lyng