South of Hope Street

Director: Jane Spencer
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Director Jane Spencer has featured in festivals such as Sundance, Raindance, Goteborg, Glasgow, Shanghai, and Chicago
Director recently received the Distinguished Work in Auteur and Poetic Filmmaking Award from Producers Without Borders at the Venice Film Festival 2023
The film features veteran actors Michael Madsen (known for Kill Bill, Donnie Brasco, and Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs), and Judd Nelson (known for his iconic role as Bender in John Hughes’ The Breakfast Club)
Award-winning Egyptian actor Asser Yassin is also set to feature in the film
South of Hope Street Poster
2020/ Switzerland, USA101 min/ Sci-Fi, Drama
In 2038, earth reaches a cosmic tipping point and enters a mysterious universe. To perpetuate the old order, people hide behind a gigantic wall and engage in wars. In this dystopian wonderland, Denise walks on thin ice to believe in her future, spurred on by Tom — a poet, and caretaker — who promises that a renaissance is on its way.
Tanna Frederick
Judd Nelson
Michael Madsen
William Baldwin
Asser Yassin


Screenwriter: Jane Spencer
DOP: Frank Glencairn
Editors: Patricia Rommel and Stefan Kaelin

Production Company(ies)
Ward9 Productions, GmbH

Jane Spencer and Marc Holthuizen

film festivals
La Femme Film Festival, Los Angeles