South of Hope Street

Director: Jane Spencer
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Starring a stellar international cast including Michael Madsen (RESERVOIR DOGS, KILL BILL, DONNIE BRASCO), William Baldwin (BACKDRAFT, SILVER), Tanna Frederick (IRENE IN TIME, THE M WORD, OVATION), and Egyptian star Asser Yassin
Helmed by director Jane Spencer, whose debut feature LITTLE NOISES was an official selection at Sundance Film Festival
A captivating, innovative sci-fi love story
South of Hope Street Poster
Post-production/ Switzerland - Canada - UK - Croatia95 min/ Sci-Fi, Romance
A science fiction romance that follows a strange, unexplained event in the sky. Only Denise, Tarak, Tom, and those who are thought of as strange or unwanted seem to notice or care about it. But they are voiceless, and while it just keeps getting stranger and more beautiful in the sky, even as below on the ground, it gets more and more what is unfortunately called, normal.
Michael Madsen, William Baldwin, Asser Yassin, Tanna Frederick


Screenwriter: Jane Spencer

DOP: Frank Glencairn

Editor: Patricia Rommel

Music: Marcel Vaid

Sound: Florian Eidenbenz

Production Company(ies)
MAD Solutions, Ward9 Productions, Indie Star Productions, Compos Mentis Productions, Gray Eminence Productions

Jane Spencer, Marc Holthuizen, Angelo Boffa, Patricia Reinhart, Danijela Jasprica, Clare Cahill, Alaa Karkouti, Maher Diab