90 Days

Director: Khalid Alharbi
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The film takes a very unusual approach to address the Idda, a period during which a divorced woman should not leave her ex-husband’s house except for necessities, according to the Islamic sharia.
The film’s script is approved by the Ministry of Media.
The film marks famous Saudi actor Khalid Alharbi‎'s directional and writing feature debut.
90 Days Poster
2021/ Saudi Arabia100 min/ Romantic, Comedy, Social
Original Title
90 Youm
In a thrilling story that highlights the concept of Idda (post divorce period in Islam), Sara discovers that her husband was keeping away a crucial secret from her, and so she asks for a divorce. However, her father insists that she spends the 90 days, the Idda, at her husband’s house. During this period, a series of surprises take place turning the couple’s life upside down.
Faisal Al Zahrani
Marwa Mohamed
Muhammad Al Hashi
Fay Fouad
Screenwriter: Khalid Alharbi‎
DOP: Diyaa Gawish
Editor: Ahmed Shahm
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Production Company(ies)
Afkar Algad for Artistic Production
Faisal Alharbi