Director: Mohamed Fawi
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Amjad Abualala, the film's main producer is the director of the Sudanese award-winning film You Will Die at Twenty
World premiered at the Cairo International Film Festival
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2022/ Sudan20 min/ Drama, Family
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As her health deteriorates, a mother watches her son and daughter prepare for her inevitable passing and their new reality.
Jasour Abuelgasim Zahra Mansour Ali Abdalgafar


Screenwriter: Mohamed Fawi, Ahmed Shaweesh, Noura Adil
DOP: Mansour Omer

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Production Company(ies)
Station Films and Fawi Films

Amjad Abualala, Mohamed Alomda, and Mohamed Fawi

film festivals
Cairo International Film Festival, Egypt
Cairo Short Film Festival, Egypt
Casablanca Arab Film Festival, Morocco
Toronto Arab Film Festival, Canada
New York African Film Festival, US
Amman International Film Festival, Jordan
Arab Digital Expression Foundation, Egypt
Bahrain Film Festival, Bahrain
META Film Festival, UAE