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World premiered in the Sharm El-Sheikh Film Festival
The director’s first documentary, WHEN PEOPLE ARE SATISFIED!, won many awards, including the National Film Festival Award for Best Documentary Film
A drama highlighting some of the radical mindsets men have toward women
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2023/ Egypt10 min/ Drama
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Diab, who has returned to his village with a wife, is keen to hide her from everyone to the extent of forbidding her from any social engagement.
As time goes by, circumstances force him to seek his neighbors’ help. Such an emergency will make him question his radical thoughts and his beliefs about real manhood.
Lobna Wanas
Ali Shawky
Dalia Ramzi
Mary Girgis
Emad Maher


Screenwriter: Ahmed Hamed
DOP: Mohamed Radwan
Editor: Mohamed Hosny Yassin

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Production Company(ies)
High Cinema Institute

Mohamed Hosny Yassin

film festivals
Sharm El-Sheikh Film Festival, Egypt