Drowned Heart

Director: Farid Lakkimi
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The film’s underlying message and philosophy is how one can lead himself to his own end.
The film received the support of the Moroccan Cinematography Center.
Drowned Heart Poster
2017/ Morocco - France100 min/ Drama
Original Title
Coeur Noyé
Detective Medi investigates the grievous destiny of a number of people by seeking the testimony of Artist Kamal’s latest assistant, Souad. Souad’s testimony doesn’t reveal only the destiny of the people she knew, but also her own personal story with the deceased.
Farah el Fassi
Farid Regragui
Mohamed Azelarab Kaghat
Malek Akhmiss
Screenwriter: Dorothée Landelle
DOP: Antonin Bachès
Editor: Farid Lakkimi
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Production Company(ies)
Sadden Production
Obscura Entertainment
Farid Lakkimi
film festivals
Martinique International Film Festival, Online
film awards
Best Film at the Martinique International Film Festival, Online