A Job and a Film

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The film leans towards the art house genre, and reflects the photographic skills of the director who built his whole film on visual language, with minimum script and sound effects.
Symbolism is also the director's main tool, as he strolls with his camera into an abandoned old factory, toying with light and composing vivid artistic scenes that reflect how one can be trapped between his memories and fears.
The film follows the auteur theory, where the director’s individual style gives the film its unique character.
The film proposes a unique language of images and a creative cinematic style that rebels against the traditional cinema.
The film won a Special Mention for Best Actor at the Madrid PNR Film Festival.
A Job and a Film Poster
2019/ Spain98 min/ Drama, Fantasy, Experimental
Original Title
Un Trabajo y Una Película
A lonely security guard and a camera find themselves in an abandoned warehouse. Inevitably, this situation will tend to become a film.
Pablo Rosal
Rosa Serra
Mari Pau Pigem
Oriol Genís
Screenwriter: Xavier Martínez Soler
Pablo Rosal
DOP: Javier Rueda
Editor: Javier Rueda
Xavier Martínez Soler
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Production Company(ies)
AVED Productions
Esdeveniments Ludovit
Javier Rueda
Pablo Rosal
film festivals
Shanghai International Film Festival, China
Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF), Egypt
Madrid PNR Film Festival, Spain
film awards
Special Mention for Best Actor at the Madrid PNR Film Festival, Spain
“He asks us what role, as spectators, we have and, also, which one we give ourselves and from where. Xavier Martínez-Soler relocates us to re-locate ourselves in the film” Guillem Martínez – Cinematismo (Spanish)

“It's encouraging to see a production with reduced resources, but titanic in its ambition" Santiago Alverú – Cinemania (Spanish)