My Uncle

Director: Nassim Abassi
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The main character of the film is inspired by the celebrated Chaplin-style character, often known as Abderraouf, created by actor Abderrahim Tounsi, which was hugely popular in the 1970s and the early 1980s.
The film offers a behind-the-scenes view of darker sides of the Moroccan film industry.
The film had a successful theatrical run in Morocco for five consecutive weeks.
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2016/ Morocco107 min/ Drama
Original Title
Mon Oncle
Alia, a struggling Moroccan actress, strives to achieve her dream of becoming a great actress. Her uncle, Abderraouf, comes for a visit and stays with her in her small flat. Soon, Alia’s professional and personal life plunges into total disarray.
Alia Erkab
Abderrahim Tounsi
Manal Essaddiki
Souad Alaoui
Screenwriter: Nassim Abassi
DOP: Franco Pezzino
Editor: Kheira Mazouza
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Production Company(ies)
Nassim Abassi
film festivals
Marrakech Film Festival, Morocco
Alexandria Mediterranean Countries Film Festival, Egypt
Cape Town International Film Festival, South Africa
London Eye International Film Festival, UK
Dubai International Film Festival, UAE
Arabian Sights Film Festival in Washington, DC, USA
“A film that brings together people separated by politics” Al Masdar News, Ebtesam B. (Arabic)

“The film reveals hidden sides in the film industry” Alwasat (Arabic)